Hello Everyone,

Photo by Free Public Domain Illustrations by rawpixel/CC BY 2.0

Among the ones who are eager to learn Japanese and the ones who aim at learning Japanese for different purposes, one of the most difficult areas is, as you may guess, Kanjis, Chinese originated writing letters.

In this website, this difficult area will be tried to be solved in a method of combination of various useful remembering tactics.

Basically, the way like learning from the beginning as if an elementary school student will help. Step by step but not so longing period of time steps.

As seen right under the website logo “Daily Kanji” has a meaning of learning daily. It does not mean learning daily used kanjis only. It stands for daily studying. Sometimes it may be small period of time, but regularly daily.

   For those who will follow this enjoyable activity, wishes you to benefit from this learning platform.

“Dandan isshoukenmei”

“Gradually do your best”