pexels-photo-932261.jpgThis website can be seen as the result of having been lost through efforts of learning Japanese writing and reading system. After those efforts, it became a good idea sharing experiences and in addition exchanging the data gained.

Starting from the very beginning, as someone may call it “Japanese Really Zero”, it is very natural not to read anything in Japanese writing charecters. Thinking that it has three different systems you realize that a different method is necessary to learn. After learning Hiragana and Katakana you may think that you have reached 2/3 of the whole road. But what? The last part, Kanjis..Do not compare with the former ones. A huge ocean. And without Kanji, you cannot read real Japanese writings. So this site has emerged from the question of “How to handle all the learning difficulties of Kanjis to be able to be Japanese literate?”


Following the chapters of this site regularly may get you to feel yourself close to the answers to these kind of questions satisfactorily. But on one condition; it is by keeping yourself in this learning athmosphere regularly and by reviewing the knowledge periodically.