A Kanji Grouping Sample

      By grouping as mentioned in Kanji Grouping Section most of the kanjis may be learned but exceptions always exist.


What we are going to do here is;

1.      Learning the categorized kanjis under the umbrella of these 5 main groups, and starting from Grade 1 level and gradually up to Grade 6.

2.      Covering JLPT N5, N4 and N3 Kanjis.

3.      Later on reaching the Upper Intermediate Level (JLPT N2) in Kanji reading and writing.

In short; the accepted grouping format is;

            Main Topics > Common Shapes (Radicals, Points or Used Kanjis) > Common Sounds (Kun – On readings) > Similar Meanings (Usage Purposes) > Sentence structural usages (Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs etc.) respectively. ( > is meaning that it covers sub-groups.)

            + Exceptions.

Press this link to see the whole studying table (pdf file).


Now you can reach each sub-group from sub-menus of this page. 

While you are doing this on daily basis, all sites and menu groups (Even the main table above) are continued to be improved and updated. So, please check your studying pages when you review what you have learned so far.



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